Adaptive Yoga

Based on the groundbreaking teachings of Iyengar certified instructor Matthew Sanford, Adaptive Yoga is the adaptation of the experience of practicing yoga for the purpose of increasing mind-body awareness in individuals living with disabilities or having suffered trauma to the physical body. It is a process of transforming disability and provides the opportunity for those living with disabilities to connect with their body and live a more complete life. Adaptive yoga enhances quality of breath, balance, spatial awareness, sense of peace and self-confidence as well as flexibility. Students are taught to recognize subtle sensations in the body and shifts in energy that allow them to experience a different kind of freedom where they otherwise may have experienced limitations. Students should bring a caregiver to class with them when possible, as volunteers can be limited. Wheelchair students will transfer to the floor when sufficient assistance is available.

Registration required at least 2 hrs. prior to class for all Adaptive classes. Register here.