Kelly Novak

Kelly Novak practices and teaches yoga with and love and devotion. In February 2008, she attended her first asana class as a last resort for stress relief, unsure of what to expect. That morning, she found more than she ever expected – a development of mental and physical strengths and a shift in her own energy. As a non-athlete, she felt relieved to find a way to step into her body in a fun, accepting environment.  Her vinyasa classes incorporate physical and philosophical challenges (as well as laughter) and are truly open to all.  She believes that how we navigate our yoga practice parallels our lives – finding strength, flexibility and balance. Kelly completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training under Mitchel Bleier, and her second under Marni Task; she has done additional anatomy studies with Gina Schatz. She is eternally grateful to all those who are willing to practice yoga on and off the mat.