Sarah Perkins


Sarah earned her 200-hour teacher certification in June 2009 through Marni Task’s Jivasara Yoga School.  That same year, she completed an Anusara Immersion with Sianna Sherman.  Her classes are vinyasa-based and are focused on breath, strength, flexibility, balance, motion, and stillness and are set to an eclectic mix of music. She’s inspired by her teachers (Marni Task, Laura Sutphen, Sianna Sherman, Amy Ippoliti, Elena Brower, Max Strom, Seane Corn, and Suzanne Sterling to name a few), family, friends, and loved ones. She continues to study and practice and hopes to share her insights along the way, encouraging others on their paths.  Sarah's purpose and mission statement for being a yoga teacher is to elevate consciousness by creating an environment for students to discover and access their creativity, strength, beauty, and wisdom so they can live to their fullest potential.