Thai Yoga Massage

What is Thai-Yoga massage?

    Thai-Yoga massage, or Thai massage is an ancient form of bodywork dating back at least 2500 years from the world of Thai medicine that incorporated Ayurvedic principles from India as well as influence from other Asian countries.  It aims to bring a client's health into balance by moving energy through the system.  Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor and the client remains clothed for the session.  The practitioner activates the sen lines (similar to meridians) with methodical pressure, provides compression of the tissues and a lot of deep, passive stretching.  The practice is sometimes affectionately referred to as “lazy man's yoga” because most of the movement is done by the practitioner.  Thai-yoga massage leaves the client feeling relaxed and more flexible, but also energized. It can be adapted for any body type or limitations, but is especially appropriate for yogis!

We are happy to introduce Jessica Julian who will be offering Thai Yoga massage at Acenda Yoga.
    Jessica Julian, LMT was interested in things related to the body and healing since childhood.  She was first exposed to yoga in 2000 and her yoga practice and meditation became an important part of her life.  She received Reiki I certification in 2002, but didn't go further into bodywork for several years.  After pursuing her education and becoming a licensed social worker, she entered the therapeutic world from the angle of a talk therapist.  She enjoyed her work, but the stress of the field necessitated her leaving to heal her own vicarious trauma.  She began receiving Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) and through this difficult time became committed to understanding the deeper levels of stress, trauma and the nervous system.  As her own situation was stabilizing, she had the opportunity to start training in BCST with Gary Peterson, RCST at his STAR Institute.  Shortly after she became a licensed massage therapist and most recently completed two trainings in Northern-style Thai-Yoga massage.  She has a lot of passion for all therapies that help the mind-body be more coherent and healthy and aims to use her eclectic approach to benefit clients' personal needs. Jessica can be contacted directly at (216)394-9251 for more info and scheduling availability.